Uic Labor Agreements

CHICAGO, Ill. — Workers today ended an unfair 10-day conflict at the University of Illinois-Chicago after concluding preliminary agreements that offer workers covid-19 protection and wage increases. The contracts with the administration apply to multi-year contracts for four bargaining units represented by SEIU Local 73 on campuses in Chicago, Rockford and Peoria, including construction workers, technicians, office workers and professionals. Nearly 4,000 employees of SEIU Local 73 UIC employees launched an unfair labour dispute on Monday (September 14th) calling on UIC to “respect, protect and pay us” after the failure of contract negotiations worth more than a year. Employees at all UIC campuses offer a variety of services to students and patients, from construction workers who clean bathrooms to occupational therapists, to people who work with children with special needs, to hospital wardens. Health workers at the University of Illinois` Chicago Hospital are joining hundreds of Illinois nurses monday who accuse unfair labor practices as contract negotiations stalled. Recent strikes led by SEIU Local 73 and the Illinois Nurses Association have led to a victory for UIC and University of Illinois hospital workers. After dozens of rounds of negotiations, THE INA, which represents more than 1,300 nurses, launched a seven-day strike on 12 September. More than a year of failed contract negotiations led nearly 4,000 SEIU Local employees to 73 UIC employees to begin unfair 10-day strike work practices two days later in solidarity with INA and demand that the UIC “respect, protect and pay us.” Preliminary agreements between SEIU Local 73 and the UIC administration include: IBOT Local 26 – International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Drivers, Warehousemen, and Helpers Union Contract (eff. 8/30/2019 – 8/15/2023) IL Federation of Public Employees, Local 4408 Contract INA (Staff – Administrative) – Illinois Nurses Association Contract FOP Local 126 – Fraternal Order of Police, Labor Council Contract (eff. 8/28/2016 – 8/24/2019) .

The University of Illinois Hospital has filed a complaint to prevent some nurses from picking themselves, and according to a judge`s ruling, some nurses will be forced to continue working.