Service Level Agreement For Vehicle Maintenance

A good fleet service provider should come to you with new ideas and programs. How a program is communicated with you is as important as what is communicated. Analyze how each proposal can help you achieve your fleet and business goals. Be careful when adding programs that can cost more with little or no performance. Analyze them before adding them to your contract. Customers rely on fleet management to plan and budget for the exchange of facilities, explore options available to meet operational requirements, prepare specifications, obtain facilities and vehicles, conduct preventative maintenance, complete planned and unscheduled maintenance, and respond to ad hoc service requests. Understanding the level of service is important for managing the fleet`s resource lifecycle, as well as for other assets. They determine the types of assets made available, how often they are retained, when assets are sanitized or replaced, and how assets are divested. Before preparing for ALS, fleet management must have an ALS with the mechanical service provider for maintenance and response times plans for outages.

4 This preventative maintenance contract will grow over time, with additional knowledge of customer needs and the introduction of new applications and services into the support portfolio for City Transit Services. Maintenance Volume The following services are the minimum requirements that must be provided by A-1 Automotive: A-1 Automotive must use A, B, C, City Transit Services inspection forms as a checklist to complete each inspection. (SEE EXHIBIT A). A-1 Automotive must also have sufficiently trained personnel to carry out the inspections listed below. A-1 Automotive conducts vehicle inspections at regular intervals, defined by city transit services and recommended by the chassis supplier. These inspections must meet the requirements of the Florida Department of Transportation`s “Preventive Maintenance Guidelines” book. The following items are tested by A-1 Automotive at agreed intervals: Fire extinguisher/ First aid kit / Safety Triangle All seats / seat belts Doors / Hinge / Floor Latches / Headliner / Side rooms / Grab Rails Mirrors Indoor Lighting / Start System / Windshield Protection / Windshield Wiper / Windshield Wiper / Windows