An Agreement Between An It Service Provider And A Customer

18. In the provision of services under this agreement, it is expressly agreed that the claimant will act as an independent contractor and not as a worker. The service provider and the client acknowledge that this agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between them and that it is exclusively a service contract. The service provider is not authorized to disclose secret or confidential information about the company for the duration of this agreement or at any subsequent time, unless required by law, its activities, company employees, suppliers or customers of the company, including all information in any form or means (and all copies of this information, which: a) owner or confidential to the entity or its related companies, or to their customers, suppliers or other business partners, including, but not limited, to information, designs, know-how, business secrets, business configurations, business plans, prices, marketing strategies, marketing strategies, technologies or intellectual property rights , in any form or b) either explicitly classified as confidential or considered confidential in the business industry; and (c) directly or indirectly, or to which the service operator has access to other purposes Access to the company or on behalf of the company, which is not limited to information that is created, discovered, developed or communicated to the service provider or service provider (cumulative confidential information) during the company`s commitment period. To be clearer, confidential information includes: (i) feedback, business improvement and technology; and (ii) with respect to all discussions on patent rights, all lists of the state of the art identified by the company as the result of the company`s time and/or money. information that the service provider is able to justify: (a) was legally owned by the service provider prior to providing services to the company and was not transmitted to the service provider by or on behalf of the company; or b) is or will be made public without fault of the service provider, cannot be considered confidential information under this agreement. If the service provider violates this provision, the entity may terminate the contract without notice. The service provider protects confidential information from unauthorized use, access or disclosure in the same way that the service provider protects its own confidential or proprietary information of the same nature and with more appropriate diligence and diligence according to industry standards. The service provider states, for a better overview, that unless the company is legally prevented from prohibiting the service provider from doing so, the service provider may decompinate materials, information, products, models, software, prototypes or any other object to which the service provider provides access by or on behalf of the company, disassemble, convert or transform all or part of materials, information, products, models, software, prototypes or other objects to which the service provider provides access, modifies, modifies, adapts, but converts into a readable format, or recovers in writing some of the material that provides products, models, software, prototypes or other objects received by the service provider.