Regions Bank Deposit Account Agreement

You should evaluate the fees you can pay for regions that check what you pay with your current bank to decide if this is a good idea. If you get used to exceeding the limit each month, your savings account could be converted into a current account. The biggest difference between current accounts and savings accounts (excluding the interest rate) is how to access them. The LifeGreen savings account does not charge a monthly fee. However, you must be a regional registration customer to open a paid LifeGreen savings account. The fee applies to transfers, requests and withdrawals. That is in addition to what the other bank could ask for. If you are not a local customer, you will need $50 to open your account. That is not bad, given that some banks need $500, $1000 or $2000 to start saving. You also pay an additional fee for using ATMs that are not part of the bank area to access your account. Payment of savings accounts is subject to the guidelines of Federal Regulation D.

These rules limit you to six transactions per month from a savings account. However, like the online savings accounts mentioned above, it is possible to earn a higher return on your savings without having to do all your banking in one place or overcome additional obstacles. But they can extend it by offering higher APYs on savings accounts with much lower fees — usually no monthly fees at all. This includes online and mobile account management, which is convenient. The LifeGreen Savings Account pays interest on your savings in two different ways. The conclusion? It`s best to stick to your savings account and savings account for everything else. There is also a fee for transactions at foreign ATMs. Unlike many online banks, you do not receive supplements from foreign ATMs.

First of all, there is a standard APY that you earn with deposits. The current APY is similar to what other traditional banks offer, which means it is quite low. In other words, you won`t get a ton of interest from the only APY to scrape. You can also link your savings account to a regional current account as overdraft protection. The transfer must be at least $10. At the end of the calendar year, when you open your account, you will receive the savings bonus. The Regions Bank is a stationary bank with about 1,500 sites in 15 southern and Midwestern states. The regular savings account charges a $5 fee if you don`t manage a minimum balance of $300. If you don`t have a regional current account or close your current account, the bank can transfer your LifeGreen savings account to a regular savings account.

Current accounts generally allow an unlimited number of transactions, including cheques, wire transfers and debit card purchases. Savings accounts are not played according to the same rules. The deposit contract for the regions includes all deposit accounts that you have or have had with The Regions Bank, under any name or description, including, but not limited, on current accounts, savings accounts, money market deposit accounts, time deposit accounts and certificates of deposit. An online bank does not offer the same amenities. If you don`t have a regional current account, the bonus is an incentive to open one. Take a look at these online savings competitors to see what you might miss staying in a stationary bank: You do however have a shot on an annual interest bonus to win on your account. They have big national banks, online banks and small banks in between. This account comes with most of the usual features you`ve been waiting for in a savings account. A LifeGreen savings account may look like a no-brainer if you are already a region registration customer.