Police Verification For Leave And License Agreement Pune

Recently, a new option was introduced to communicate tenants` information, while the contract is filed for registration. This information is automatically shared with the police station selected by the user when the form is sent. efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg/ (Note – This service is chosen for the city of Pune District selected and some other sites in Mumbai and other sites must go with the process offline and in some places citizens can use privacy sites of tenants online) The privacy police of the information of tenants and verification are very important steps to ensure that there is a level of trust between the owner and the tenant. In a sobegenur like India, housing is essential for survival; there are many people and families looking for affordable places to live. The landlord must be able to search rental applications to find a reliable tenant. Police verification helps ensure that the tenant is a good citizen and does not have preliminary police registrations. Chandrakant Patil, Minister of Public Revenue; S Chockalingam, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and K Venkatesham, Pune Police Commissioner, were present at the launch of the initiative. Getting a legal rental contract can be a tedious and tedious task if done manually. You must visit the office, explain your conditions to be included in the rental agreement, register for the holiday and licensing agreement, stamp duty, have your biometric check done and file the information with the government. After all this trouble, you will receive the final lease. Why are you wasting your time and effort in the task, if you can use our home door services for the same? Yes, we do the legal task of registering rents and submitting an effortless and effortless process for you. Great service, keep it. 1.

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