Walking In Agreement In Marriage

(4) There can be no party. This is a quota or a share that the parties agree on. The potential for full harmony and harmony simply does not exist between believers and infidels, so it is unfair that each party plays them together. (2) The depersonalization of people in our computerized society. Loneliness, lack of purpose, frustration, despair and self-pity are certainly not conducive to successful marriages. “What worries me most about Al Gore`s divorce is the cultural message that amplifies it. It requires that marriages, like oil leaks, drift over time in a way that we cannot do much about. It requires that people once paired for life be caught in different currents. They wake up one day and find themselves in different seas.

They are too far apart to be partners more. If the timing of Bob and Sue`s problem may have been extraordinary, the reality is too typical. Let`s be honest, the institution of marriage has been through difficult times. Psychiatrists, psychologists and sociologists tell us that the foundations of the stability of houses are already being eroded and that the whole institution is in danger of collapse. The statistics seem to support their assertion. In 1900, about one in twelve marriages ended with divorce. By 1922, the number had risen to one-eighth. Right now, one in three marriages ends in divorce! Since most divorces cause emotional scars that have a negative impact on the marriages of future generations, the prospects for the future are even bleaker. The true test of our love for God and for each other is our willingness to change the areas of our lives with which we felt so comfortable that we see no reason to do so. It is a shame to say, “I love you” if this love is not supported by the will to change everything that hinders your agreement.

Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together, except they have agreed?” The words “walk together” refer to progress… and two cannot move forward or move forward unless their lives are in harmony with God. This is why many marriages are blocked in a neutral way. Both turn their engines over and make a lot of smoke and noise individually, but they never leave their parking lot! After all, you`re being unfair to God. He sent his Son to the cross of Golgotha to die for your sins, so that He might have you for himself.7 Instead, giving you to someone who does not belong to Christ is not righteous with the God who saved you. God founded Christian marriage as a beautiful image of the relationship that exists between Christ and his Church. The more his models of marriage, the divine union, will be the better your Christian witness to a lost world. As marriage with a disbeliever caricatures this divine image, you will embody your testimony by entering into this kind of mixed relationship.